Snow in Burke Mountain, Coquitlam

The First Big Snowfall of 2024 in Burke Mountain, Coquitlam

Burke Mountain, Coquitlam received its’ first substantial snowfall on January 17th, 2024.  The community was covered with close to 20 centimeters of snow making it a scenic view!



School Closures for Burke Mountain


With a substantial amount of accumulation of snow, this resulted in all of SD43 which includes schools in Burke Mountain not opening for their students and staff.  It was officially a sledding and snow day!


Snow Plowing in Burke Mountain


The City of Coquitlam snow ploughs worked around the clock to clear the streets in Burke Mountain.  Below is information from the City website on how the City prioritizes which streets will be cleared.

During a snow event, City roads are plowed according to a priority system aimed at supporting public safety and public transportation access:

  • Priority 1 – Maintain accessibility for emergency vehicles and transit vehicles on collector, arterial and emergency and bus routes that connect major sections of the community.
  • Priority 2 – Maintenance of safe travel routes and accessibility for vehicles on streets classified as Priority 2 routes, including non-arterial and collector routes that provide access to school sites, community care facilities, as well as sub-zones that contain a high percentage of local roads with grades in excess of 10%, during icing and storm conditions. Priority 2 route response may be advanced, or delayed, due to event intensity, severity or duration.
  • Priority 3 – Maintain safe travel routes and accessibility for vehicles on all remaining routes. Clearing these routes may be advanced or delayed depending on the weather event’s intensity, severity or duration.

Private roads are not maintained by the City. Residents need to contact their Property Management Company or Strata for concerns related to their roads

Coquitlam Snow Response Plan Map (PDF)

Snow Plow Clearing the Streets in Burke Mountain. Photo credit: Julie Gillis
Burke Mountain, Coquitlam
Burke Mountain Snow Dogs
Burke Mountain Coquitlam Snow Information

Photo credit: Julie Gillis for the Snow Plow Truck