What is my Burke Mountain Home Worth?

Burke Mountain Home Value and the 2024 BC Assessment 

The 2024 B.C. Property Assessments are now available. You can view your property assessment, or any other property assessment by visiting the B.C. Assessment website bcassessment.ca  Once you are on the website, simply type the property address into the search field and the assessment information will display.  There are over 2 million properties in B.C. that are assessed by B.C. Assessment Appraisers. Information about properties is collected by them and then analyzed. 


Factors to Consider When Viewing Your BC Assessment


The assessment on your property was done almost 6 months ago on July 1st 2023.  The real estate market at that time is also taken into consideration to come up with the assessed value for a property.  New information about properties is also collected when renovations are done, and permits are pulled through the City.  Location, lot size, garages, pool, decks, the age of your home, as well as Comparable sale prices and other real estate market information are also taken into consideration.


Factors That May Give An Inaccurate Assessment Of The Value of Your Burke Mountain, Coquitlam Home


if you did improvements to your property that required a permit but permits were not pulled, then the value of your home improvements may not be reflected in the assessed value for your property. Updates that add value that don’t require a permit may also not be reflected.


Important Dates to Understand The Assessment Process


January 31st, 2024 – Property Assessment Review Panel Deadline 

If you feel your assessment value is inaccurate and you wish to have it changed, you can appeal your property assessment and request an independent review of your assessment. The deadline to do so is by January 31, 2023.

July 1, 2023 – Valuation Date 

This is the date that is used to estimate the market value of all properties in BC.  Market value is defined as the most probable price a home owner would receive if they sold their property on July 1st, 2023.

October 31 – Physical Condition and Permitted Use 

The assessment reflects the physical condition and permitted use (zoning) of property as of this date, except where substantial damage or destruction of the buildings occurs.

December 31 – Assessment Notices

Completed assessment information is produced and mailed to property owners. Assessment information and value totals are delivered to tax authorities and are available online. 


Current Value of Your Burke Mountain, Coquitlam Home


Prices for homes across the board have changed significantly since July when the assessments were done. If you’re curious about the TRUE market value of your home today, I’d be happy to provide this information.

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