Real Estate Market Update Burke Mountain, Coquitlam December 2023

Real Estate Market Update for Burke Mountain, Coquitlam December 2023


For the month of December, we were again seeing a combination of both a Buyers Market and a Sellers market for property sales in Burke Mountain. Single family homes continued to see a pull back with buyer activity, with Snap Stats reporting only 2 sales, which created a Buyers market. Townhomes overall remained a Sellers market with a mix of Burke Mountain presale townhomes and pre-owned Burke Mountain townhome properties selling.


Real Estate Sales in Burke Mountain, Coquitlam


For Burke Mountain Detached Homes, there were 2 sales and 10% of properties sold. The average days on market was 23, and the average sales price was ($2,105,000) Two Million, One Hundred and Five Thousand Dollars. 

For Burke Mountain Townhomes and Rowhomes, there were 10 sales, and 37% of properties sold. The average days on market was 37, and the average sales price was ($1,211,450) One Million, Two Hundred Eleven Thousand, Four Hundred and Fifty Dollars. 

In December we were seeing less presales on the MLS with the majority of sold properties being 1-10 years of age.


What We Are Seeing In January 2024


Just over a week into the new year, I’ve already had more sellers and buyers reach out to me, than I have had in the past 2 months combined. Will this translate into a busier January, February and spring than we’ve seen in the last few previous years?  Time will tell.


New Presales In Burke Mountain Announced


For presales in Burke Mountain, Harper Peak by Foxridge Homes has released 4 single homes for sales.  They have a collection of 28 homes that will be ready into 2024. Partington Creek by Polgyon has released their draft floor plans for their townhomes and will be getting ready to sell early 2024.

If you would like to know the current market value for your property, are interested in purchasing a property in Burke Mountain, or have any questions about the market in general, please reach out to me directly.

Sources: Snapstats and REBGV